Art Classes

About Our Art Classes

We offer a creative atmosphere for kids to discover art through a playful and fun process. Our Art Room sessions are driven by the imagination and curiosity of children, helping them experience the joy of exploring new things and creating something unique.

At RaagaSudha, we believe in giving structure and form to a child’s imagination by letting their creativity flow. Our Art Room is an ideal learning corner where we encourage the kids to have lots of fun while expanding their artistic skills. By letting them experience different textures and materials like clay, we inspire their imagination. They get to try their hands at spray painting and quilling and also get to learn various drawing and painting techniques such as, portraits, caricatures and charcoal drawing.

our Art Room provides food for voracious artistic appetite. We have qualified art teachers who create engaging and fun sessions to unleash the artist in every child. They encourage each student to be imaginative and unique while shaping and honing their latent skills.

Benefits of Art class Sessions

  • creative thinking, encouraging individuals to explore and express their unique ideas.
  • Engaging in art activities enhances problem-solving, critical thinking, and cognitive abilities.
  • Art serves as a non-verbal communication tool, helping individuals express thoughts and feelings visually.
  • Artistic expression can be a therapeutic outlet, reducing stress and promoting overall well-being.
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